DG Entertainment Platform has hundreds of well-trained professional dealers, real casino environment, stable high-end equipment, and professional technical support, which ensure the stable operation of the platform and give players a wonderful experience as if they are on the spot. And supports multi-platform access, no matter where the player is currently, you can enjoy the fun of the game at any time.


Baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games at the betting halls, especially with casino enthusiasts, besides these lines, it's not an overstated surprise that Dream Gaming offers quite a lot of baccarat games. You can browse the various baccarat tables from the casino lobby. For baccarat, the wager range starts at $20 and goes as high as $1000.

Dragon Tiger

Played in many casinos, Dragon Tiger ranks among the popular casino poker games. Some players refer to the game as a 2-card baccarat edition. As you play Dragon Tiger, 2 2 cards are drawn. And just as the name suggests, one card is the Dragon while the other a Tiger. When playing the game, you're supposed to make a bet on the card you feel will be the highest. Despite being one amongst the straightforward online casino games, the game is still popular amongst gamers.


Without a doubt, live online roulette is one of the most well-known gaming options. With Dream Gaming, you're sure to be immersed in an unforgettable roulette gaming involvement. The online casino provides for every kind of player. What is more, you're provided with several roulette variants to choose from. All of these guarantee you a fantastic roulette playing experience.


Sic Bo is known as a shakers game. The casino game offers you a sincere historic playing experience. Sic Bo is amazingly well-liked by players in Asia. This is because it offers a wide wagering range as well as better odds of landing a win. It's played with only 3 bones. The moment players place their wagers on clear parts of the table, the dealer will receive a small container carrying the bones. The dealer will then shake the container. After that, the seller gets to open the container revealing the combination. The combination will display the winner.